2 minute read

On a recent, fresh installation of LogInsight I observed that no data from a set of hosts was coming into the LogInsight server.
Debugging showed not issues related to the usual suspects of DNS, NTP, firewall or network which left me a bit puzzled.
I found the answer by going through the logs of the loginsight agent (usually in /var/log/loginsight-agent/liagent_<date>):

Providing machine readable VMware release data

Get VMware product release data ready for automation


3 minute read

I started a project with the goal to re-format VMware product release information in a way that can be used in automation and scripting. These days, even Excel can handle JSON. When searching for new projects I often need some external trigger to take the first step. In this case, a customer I have been working gave me the reason to do something (thanks, Tim!).